Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blog Action Day- East African Famine.

Today is Blog Action Day and also World Food Day.This year's theme for blogging is about food!
I have decided to blog about the famine in East Africa to make people aware of the crisis at hand.

Since July 2011, a severe drought has been affecting East Africa in places such as Somalia and Ethiopia. The lack of food in countries such as these is said to threaten the lives of over 13.3 million people. Improving nutrition is thought to be the most effective form of aid but even now, in the 21st century, there are still so many people dying of hunger. This is completely unacceptable and third world countries need our help.

Because of drought, people are unable to produce their own crops, people and their animals become weak quickly and die. Nearly half a million children are at risk of dying from malnutrition and disease.

In first world countries such as Ireland, people should realise that food is so important and should not be taken for granted.

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